Pull Out Beds

Kids’ Pull Out Beds

Everyone loves a two-for-one deal – and guess what? A pull out bed offers you just that!

Whether you have several kids sharing a room or you simply love the idea of bunking in with your kids every once in a while, a pull out bed just might be what you need. Better still, this furniture piece works in your favour if you’re running low on floor space to utilise in your child’s bedroom. Giving you the freedom to experiment with the newfound space, this bed is an ultimate solution in space-scarce Singapore.  

Multifunctional Pull Out Beds for the Win

Offering more versatility unlike any other, a children’s pull out bed features innovation to its fullest. A stylish way to make optimal use of constrained spaces, these beds are designed to occupy less space despite giving you an extra area to find respite. Beyond saving space, what are the other benefits of a pull out bed?

1. Extra storage space

At Manis-h, our range of pull out beds for kids, like the Luna, come with under-bed storage drawers. Perfect for storing your kid’s belongings and little trinkets and toys, these beds are the epitome of multifunctional furniture. Whether you opt for a Single or a European super single, these ground-breaking bedframes with their in-built extra storage space are just the furniture you’ll need in any kid’s bedroom.

2. Prevention on injury

Never thought you’d see pull out beds and safety in the same sentence? Given that the little ones are at risk of falling off their beds while sleeping, having a bed underneath inevitably reduces the possibility of injuries.

3. Design appeal

Beyond the extra space to keep the room looking neat and tidy, add-ons such as bed pockets, junior ladders, and bed shelves allow you to pull the entire look of the room together. With our customisation services, you can even choose from 21 different colours for a more personal touch.

Browse Children’s Pull Out Beds by Manis-h

Set on getting a new bed for your kids? Browse our range of single pull out beds in Singapore and add them to our cart today! To get a closer look, either take a virtual tour or hop on over to our retail showroom at 1 Tampines North Drive 1 between 10 am and 7 pm.

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