Mattress for Children

An essential part of everyone’s routine, getting adequate sleep is crucial to maintaining mental and physical health.

The same emphasis of quality sleep should be placed on kids so that they grow and stay healthy. From improved attention spans and learning capabilities to boosting immune health, the benefits of your kids getting quality shuteye is boundless. How then can parents ensure that kids always have a good night’s sleep? One of the ways is to optimise their bedroom environment. Many parents put time and effort into furniture choices and arrangements but often overlook the significance of selecting a good-quality mattress for their children. Factoring in the value a top-notch bed-mattress combination can add to your kid’s bedtime routine, Manis-h has made kids’ mattresses from leading brands accessible to all parents in Singapore.

Choosing the Right Kids’ Mattress

Just like any furniture piece you plan on buying, there are several factors to consider before investing in a mattress. Available in various types, sizes, firmness, and costs, we breakdown each mattress type to facilitate your decision-making process

1. Latex Mattress for Children

Offering ultimate comfort, latex mattresses are great for young kids as they provide optimal spinal support. Made out of natural material and having undergone an intricate detail in its manufacturing process, you won’t have to worry about off-gassing and allergies when you opt for latex mattresses for your children.

2. Inner Spring Kid’s Mattress

As its name suggests, a spring mattress comes with metal coils. A traditional option, the mattress’ firmness is ideal for kids whose skeletal system is just beginning to grow dynamically.

3. Foam Mattress

This softer mattress features comfort foam that slowly compresses with pressure. A spring-free alternative, it conforms to the changing shape of your kid’s body.

4. Hybrid Mattress

A mix of innerspring and a top comfort layer, hybrid mattresses can support heavier weights due to their durability.

Shop Children’s Mattress at Manis-h

With most of the mattresses at Manis-h treated with UltraFresh fabric treatment, you can rest assured that our selection inhibits the growth of dust mites, mildew, and fungi, making it a safe space for your kids to retreat to every night. Whether you are looking for a latex mattress suitable for children or an accompanying bedframe, Manis-h has it all. Browse our online collection or head down to our retail showroom for a mattress best-fit for children.

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