Loft Beds

Children’s Loft Bed

In every kid’s bedroom, having a bed is a must – that is a given. However, in space-scarce Singapore finding a bed that fits the small confines of a room can be a tedious task.

Either pick a bed that will overwhelm the limited space and leave little room for other furniture pieces or settle with a junior-sized bed that your child just might outgrow in a few years. But what if we told you that there is furniture that occupies little to no floor space while freeing up areas of the room for extra storage and even a desk? Stylish yet functional, children’s loft beds with desks are the ultimate solution for those who don’t have a lot of square footage to work with.

The Advantage of Loft Beds in a Kid’s Room

With homes in Singapore getting smaller, it comes as no surprise that most kid’s bedrooms double as a study room. Often having a little study table crammed into a corner, there is barely any space left for kids to play or for parents to get creative with the design of the room. To avoid rooms from being too cluttered, design schemes are kept minimalistic, focusing on functionality rather than aesthetics. But with a loft bed, you’re left with a flexible space under the bed. Whether you’d like it to be a designated play area for your little ones or a desk area when they grow older, these beds are a very smart investment for several reasons:

1. Extra storage space

From shelves to storage units, you can make good use of the extra square footage made available under the loft bed.

2. Build a study space with a desk

Some high loft beds are integrated with desks. An all-in-one solution, you can bid adieu to the tireless search for a sturdy study table when you get your hands on a Manis-h children’s loft bed with desk.

3. Bonus play space

At Manis-h, some of our kid’s loft beds double as a place for having fun. Designed with slides, climbing walls, and even stairs, your kids will have more to play with in addition to their favourite toys.

Browse the Manis-h Kid’s Loft Bed Collection

Comfortable and sophisticated, the Manis-h collection of study loft beds can be customised to meet personal needs. You can even choose from a wide selection of sizes – junior to European super single – colour, and configuration. Looking for a loft bed with stairs or a slide? We have them all! Peruse our online catalogue today and head down to our retail showroom in Singapore for a closer look at your favourite kid’s loft bed.

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