Kids' Beds

Quality Children’s Beds

Designing a child’s bedroom can be a fun design venture for parents and kids alike.

From picking out quirky bedroom furniture that reflects the playfulness of your young ones to abiding by minimalist concepts so that the space seamlessly grows with them, a kid’s bedroom allows for unrestricted creative expression. Demanding artistic input in every corner, one might assume that they’ll have to come to a compromise when buying a kid’s bed. How innovative and unconventional can kids’ beds be right? Well, you thought wrong! At Manis-h, we ensure that style is not compromised when it comes to our collection of kids’ beds for sale. Functional yet trendy, our stylish children’s beds do not skimp on quality either.   

Picking the Right Bed for Your Kids

Due to the common misconception that bedframes are just subpar decorative elements, many tend to have the design of their beds as an afterthought. Instead of simply focusing on wall paint and a well-designed study corner, here’s a little guide on how you can bring your kid’s dream bedroom to life:

1. Leave enough room to play

Kids will remain kids – so, as much as we parents would like to inject some adult practicality into the space, there has to be a balance of otherworldly accents that piques the curiosity of every child. Whether you are looking to install a toddler bed or two for children who share a bedroom, be sure to get the measurements right so that there is sufficient space for a study area as well as active play.

2. The appeal of the ageless

Does the thought of not spending more money on new furniture in the near future sound like a good idea? Classic and stylish furniture always makes for a good investment due to its agelessness. Versatile and complimentary with almost every interior design scheme, kids’ beds made of simple, long-lasting materials like wood will last you for years.

Kids Bed for Sale in Singapore

Manufactured in Denmark with solid wood such as Nordic Beech, the Manis-h collection of children’s beds is top-quality. Coming with a 10-year product warranty, our modular bed systems can not only be transformed over the years to meet the changing needs of your growing kids but can also be customised with over 21 different colours to choose from. Using only European non-toxic water-based paints that pass international safety standards, you can rest assured our kids’ beds in Singapore are safe, sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. Browse our catalogue of kids’ beds for sale or head down to our retail showroom today.

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