Double Decker Beds

Double Decker Beds for Kids

As much as furniture shopping and redoing your kid’s bedroom can be a fun adventure, there is no denying that finding the right furniture pieces can be challenging.

From getting the right measurements to determining if colours will match with your existing interior design, several factors have to be considered to make an informed purchase. This is no exception for beds. Given the vast array of bed options readily available in most furniture shops, finding one that injects an element of fun and playfulness can be tricky. But not if you opt for a double decker bed designed specifically for kids.

The Benefits of Double Decker Beds

Not sure if double decker beds are the right choice for your kids? Here are a few of the benefits of integrating them into your kid’s bedroom:

1. Cost-effective space savers

Bed, mattress, study desks, and storage – the list of furniture required to transform your kid’s room into a conducive one could very well burn a hole through your wallet. However, two-tiered beds offer an opportunity to make great savings. More than just two beds in one, innovative alternatives like double decker beds with study tables allow you to save by ridding you of the need to spend on other pieces of furniture. More than being budget-friendly, the integration of furniture like study tables also frees up floor space in other areas of the room.

2. Custom-made just for you

Want your double decker bed to blend naturally into the design scheme of your kid’s bedroom? Here at Manis-h, you’re given the creative freedom to choose from over 21 colours and switch up the bed’s configuration with our pioneering bed system. Whether you have special measurement requests or need to adapt your beds according to your kid’s needs, our skilled cabinet makers and five-year availability guarantee make everything possible.

Browse the Manis-h Children’s Double Decker Bed Collection

At Manis-h, we make kid’s double decker beds easily accessible for all parents in Singapore. Browse our expansive collection of kid’s furniture online or head down to our retail showroom to get a feel for it yourself. Have queries? Feel free to contact us at +65 6974 4186.

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