Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds for Kids

A popular choice when it comes to children’s bed options, bunk beds are revered for their functionality, durability,and space-saving design.

Practical in their configuration, bunkers not only maximise your space but also add visual appeal to any space given its height and mere presence. Whether you are tight on space or your kids are simply yearning for a bed that they can climb up to sleep in, options are limitless. Available in an array of designs, styles, and materials, finding the right one that complements your existing home décor can get a little tricky. But fret not! Here at Manis-h, we have curated a collection of children’s bunk beds, so that your search for the perfect one is easy.

Different Types of Children’s Bunk Beds

Not to be confused with loft beds, bunk beds are two beds stacked vertically above each other. Unlike the loft bed that does not come with a bottom bed, bunkers are perfect for two. But as mentioned, there is a wide range of bunkers available in Singapore. To help you find the perfect bunk bed for your kid’s bedroom, here’s a little guide:

1. The standard kid’s bunk beds

Typically designed with a ladder or stairs, a simple two-tiered standard bunk bed like the Manis-h Huxie is clean and sleek in design. Built with a fixed vertical ladder, this bed is the exemplification of a real space saver.

2. Children’s bunk beds with a desk

If you are looking to take space maximisation up a notch, then a bunk bed with a study table is the right choice for you. Cost-effective, the added desk also frees up floor space so that your kids have more room for fun and games.

3. L-shaped bunk beds

From the contemporary L-shaped sofa to an L-shaped bed, these beds fit perfectly into tight corners of a room, leaving no wasted space. The lower bunk is normally set at a right angle but at Manis-h, our Glen Combi can be set either horizontally or vertically – whatever works best in your space.

Buy Bunk Beds in Singapore

From children’s bunk beds with storage to ones with steps, Manis-h has them all. Browse our entire bunk bed collection in Singapore and head down to our retail showroom to buy the one best fit for your kid’s bedroom.

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