Why Manis-h Is A Brand You Can Trust

For any homeowner, the idea of furniture that lasts is likely high among your list of priorities. Barring a change of aesthetic taste or direction, when you purchase furniture, you will be expecting it to be durable for a good amount of time.

Such quality can be hard to find, especially when you have to take into account the look of certain pieces. While such an ideal situation may be hard to bring to fruition, you can most certainly do it with kids’ furniture together with Manis-h!

Reliable Experience

With close to 50 years of experience developing and producing children’s furniture, it is clear that we are trusted by all of our customers even as trends change and the needs of the young ones evolve with time.

All of the products under the Manis-h umbrella are tested and refined every step of the way, from conceptualisation to production and having it in your hands. The Manis-h team possesses strong and intricate knowledge of our products, and that results in an extensive variety of creations with unlimited flexibility.

Quality Guaranteed

It also helps that all our products are developed, designed, and produced in Denmark with a majority going through our own factories. Together with the expertise of experts and young testers, we are able to provide products that provide tangible benefits to the consumer.

If you are worried about safety, fret not. All of Manis-h’s products are designed and developed in accordance with BS EN 747 for safety testing and approval. Every safety aspect for both children and young users have been considered, with further testing by TÛV and FCBA in France, a globally recognized testing organisation, helping us maintain our quality standards.


All of that would count for nothing if we did not listen to our customers, and that is something we take very seriously. Throughout the years, the different needs of consumers have allowed us to create products that help in all situations. Our modular bed systems cater to growing kids of all ages, with customisation options available when it comes to both size and colour.

In the unfortunate circumstances that our products develop defects, you are covered. Our 10-year product warranty is our promise that our stringent quality demands are met, if not, we will replace your item with no questions asked. Should your Manis-h product get damaged after your initial purchase, our five-year availability guarantee will allow for repair using the right parts.

Place Your Trust in Us

Providing the best for your child is always something all parents look forward to doing. In the kids furniture world, there is no better choice than the family of products found here at Manis-h.

Check out our selection of baby furniture, kids’ beds, loft beds, bunk beds, and even study desks, or enhance your existing Manis-h products with a bevvy of accessories. No matter your need, we will be able to deliver and go above and beyond your expectations.

Visit us today and get in touch. We are always ready to help!

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