Saving Now For Your Kids' Future

For every family, ensuring that you have the right environment set up for our kids is always an important consideration to have. This can range from their educational requirements, their diet, and of course, their place in the home.

When you have kids of different ages and needing different things, it is essential to design their rooms to fit their growing needs. This extends to furniture choice as well.  From both a practical and financial perspective, it makes little sense to replace furniture regularly, especially at hefty prices. As such, families and parents need a solution.

Let Manis-h Lend A Hand

When it comes to furniture for your kids, Manis-h is all about delivering comfort, quality, and affordable pieces that will delight the young ones. Whether it is a study room, play room, or the bedroom where they can rest up, the variety of choices available will be a treat for everyone to check out.


Kids will always grow up quickly, and when you have more than one, it can be a hassle trying to take care of their needs while making sure your wallet is not burning at the same time. One of the more financially impactful ways furniture can affect you is the constant need to switch things up.

Investing in good quality furniture is the way to go, and you will not go wrong with Manis-h. Our catalogue of kid’s beds, loft beds, and many others are all priced reasonably, and with Danish craftsmanship, you are in safe hands.


Just like the kids, Manis-h’s furniture is meant to change alongside them. With our line of simple and manageable building systems when it comes to furniture pieces, you can ensure your child’s needs are met throughout their childhood.

Customisation can also be done when it comes to colours. Deck out the beds and shelves with the children’s favourite colours and give them another reason to make their room a paradise. Should you desire a custom fit for any particular reason, we are able to assist as well. Adapting our furniture to your needs can be easily done with our team of skilled craftsmen.


Perhaps most importantly, your children’s safety will be of utmost importance. With about 40 years of experience in the furniture industry, our expertise and knowledge are put to good use when developing our products.

Our beds have been designed and developed in accordance with all the regulations for safety testing and approval. There is no compromise when it comes to safety, and you can be sure of that. Kid-friendly safety measures, like rails and lower beds, are also used to keep the little ones out of harm’s way whenever possible.

Create A Safe Haven

A long-term investment in Manis-h is a great way to invest in your kids’ safety and quality of life when it comes to furniture.

Check out our selection of baby furniture, kids’ beds, loft beds, bunk beds, and even study desks, or enhance your existing Manis-h products with a bevvy of accessories. No matter how you want it, we are committed to growing together with your children, and your family.

Visit us today and get in touch. We are always ready to help!

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