Providing A Conducive Environment For Work And Play

Whether it is the schooling period or the various holiday breaks in between, our kids spend most of their time getting an education outside of the home. However, that does not mean the job is done once they leave the school premises. When it comes to helping them learn and grow, it is absolutely essential that their home environment supports them as well.

Being able to engage in quiet, focused study while still having an enjoyable space is the dream setup for kids growing up, and that is not an impossible feat. By reducing the distractions, providing calm imagery, add in plentiful storage space, and furniture designed specially for them, and you have the whole package.

Getting Started

When it comes to designing your child’s bedroom, it is indeed a fun project. After all, you are trying to give them the best of both worlds. Do not be afraid to seek their opinion, and consider the important factors that can help. Bond with your child, and consider the following factors in creating a conducive environment for work and for play:

Lighting the Way

The vast majority of the time your child will spend in their bedroom will likely be from evening onwards, unless it is the weekend. Thus, having adequate lighting is vital to making the space useful. This includes both overhead lighting, as well as the more specific task lighting such as for a study table.

By ensuring you get light in the right places, you are also doing your part in helping them ward out myopia and eye strain. 

Space-saving and Modular Furniture

Space is a premium when  it comes to the Singapore home, which is why you need to maximise whatever real estate you have when it comes to your child’s room. Bunk beds can be a great way to get siblings settled in together, but also not sacrificing the available space that can be used for other purposes. 

There are also the possibilities of modular furniture that can be configured continuously to fit the demands of its users. This is extremely important to a growing family, as you do not always have to get out there and buy new furniture. Instead, you can shift and change things around to make things work as the kids grow.

More storage room, safety features, and a generally comfortable environment for the kids are all possible with specially designed furniture.

Room to Explore

A growing child definitely needs room to explore and expand on their creativity, and if the room is filled up entirely, that can be hard. Be sure to provide them spaces to put their stamp on things. It can be a study table where they are free to decorate, or noticeboards to leave their notes.

By allowing them the freedom to do what they want with a space, it teaches ownership and makes for an easier time when it comes to work and play.


Giving your child support includes the furniture they are using as well. Consider heigh appropriate items, such as a study desk, that can adjust as they grow. This helps to save on costs while keeping up with the children.

Chairs with proper lumbar support are also equally important. Help them achieve the proper physical and mental development with the right equipment to match.

Perfect Combination

Most would consider work and play to be entirely separate areas when it comes to a child, but that is ostensibly not the case. By building a solid foundation with the input of your children, you can help make their living space more than just a resting spot, but also a room full of possibilities when it comes to work and play!

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