Make Your Dream Room Real!

For children, most of their life decisions are not as complicated as the adults. With their loved ones taking care of most things, the very first big decision they might have to make is deciding how their room is going to look like.

Such freedom is always going to be a treat, after all, allowing the kids the room to discover their likes is a great way of helping them grow up. The need to play, rest, and educate themselves can all be addressed in one way or another, and their room can be the first place to start.

This journey of ownership can be daunting, but Manis-h is here to help them with a few suggestions!

Dreams Into Realities

Depending on their interests, children of all kinds will have different views on how they want their room to be like. It could be sporty with their favourite teams, or a gateway into fantasy realms and characters, the possibilities are quite endless.

Here are just some of the ways you can spruce up their room as a treat.

Sports, Sports, Sports!

It is time to get them active, and sports can be a great way to develop necessary skills for later on in life. In terms of designs, you can be looking at putting up posters of their chosen teams. Decorations like pennants, banners, and more can definitely be an added touch.

Of course, the walls are going to be important as well, and a new coat of paint will go a long way in showing off this sports theme. For the cherry on top, get them furniture that has been customised, be it the colours or design, and top it off with the matching accessories like bedsheets and the like.

Fantastical Adventures

For those who prefer to lose themselves in the realms of otherworldly creatures and adventures, a fantasy theme is exactly what the doctor ordered. Whether it be princesses and castles, or dragons and knights, there is freedom in which you can make the fantasy a reality.

Perhaps a boring swathe of paint will not do, consider doing a mural of fantasy creatures going about their day, or fairies and trolls doing their thing. Paintings depicting fantasy settings can also help, and similarly, so does furniture that can transform.  Nothing says fantasy like a piece of furniture that can be made into something else!

Space, The New Frontier

As for children who have a thirst for exploration and discoveries, a space themed bedroom will be perfect for them. Stars can adorn the ceiling, while planets revolve around them as part of the walls. It would not be complete without astronauts and rockets all over the place, and a picture here and there will do wonders.

Bunk beds can be great for siblings, while others can explore their boundaries with desk attachments on which they can do their research for the next mission. Foster their curiosity, and the sky’s the limit.

Trek Into The Magical Forest

Nature has always been a beautiful place, and you can bring that into the bedroom as well. Get the fairy lights out, and transport the children into the warm embrace of Mother Nature. Pictures and paintings of animals will set the mood, as will the presence of wooden furniture and accents.

Top it all off with an earthy tone when it comes to the walls, or murals of their beloved animal friends, and you can have a safari right in the home.

An Adventure Awaits

Providing the best for your child is always something all parents look forward to doing. Giving them a chance to explore, play, and learn all in the comfort of their room is a great way to do that, and themed rooms can make that happen.

You are not alone. Check out our selection of baby furniture, kids’ beds, loft beds, bunk beds, and even study desks, or enhance your existing Manis-h products with a bevvy of accessories. Either way, we are committed to growing together with your children, and your family.

Visit us today and get in touch. We are always ready to help!

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