Growing Up With Manis-h

Every parent wants the best for their children, be it in life or in spirit. The best time to do that is to start while they are young. With both development and play being central to a child’s growth, it is vital to support your child with the best environment possible in order to help them grow and realise their full potential. A great way for parents to do that is to outfit your child’s room with the most versatile and useful furniture, pieces that can all be found at Manis-h! What Makes Manis-h the Right Choice? For children’s furniture,...

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Providing A Conducive Environment For Work And Play

Whether it is the schooling period or the various holiday breaks in between, our kids spend most of their time getting an education outside of the home. However, that does not mean the job is done once they leave the school premises. When it comes to helping them learn and grow, it is absolutely essential that their home environment supports them as well. Being able to engage in quiet, focused study while still having an enjoyable space is the dream setup for kids growing up, and that is not an impossible feat. By reducing the distractions, providing calm imagery, add...

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